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Courageous Conversations


As professional facilitators, our approach is to conduct "courageous conversations" - that is, to lead highly-engaging discussions that are widely inclusive, deeply thoughtful, extraordinarily creative, and profoundly purposeful.

What Can We Help You Achieve? 

Highly Engaging


“For communities, companies and causes alike, today’s foremost challenge is to achieve a culture of personal belonging & active engagement,” says Matt Lehrman. “Successful leaders must continually evaluate and strengthen the support of their members, customers, donors, supporters, team members, and all other stakeholders."

Deeply Thoughtful


“Especially when public policy issues are sensitive or complex, elected officials and managers of cities and towns need to invest time and serious effort in engaging people who express many different perspectives,” says John Little. “A healthy and vibrant community is one in which people trust that their voice is heard meaningfully.” 

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