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What can we help you achieve?

Courageous Conversations Begin Here.

Where people work together courageously, their potential is unlimited.

In companies, communities, colleges & universities, and nonprofit organizations alike, there's no greater responsibility nor opportunity than to unite people in shared values and common purpose.

Sparking courageous conversations wherever you need them, that's our expertise.   

We generate the power of people, together.



Leadership Retreats


  Trust us to design and conduct retreats and off-site meetings for city & town councils, management teams, and nonprofit boards of directors, that inspire creativity, stimulate collaborative thinking, and advance mission-critical objectives.

Community Conversations


 When public policy issues are sensitive or complex, leaders of cities and towns are wise to engage the participation of residents and other stakeholders who bring many different perspectives. Depend on us to join large and diverse groups of people in common purpose. 

Strategic Planning


 From small stakeholder groups to high-profile community initiatives, count on us to create inclusive, engaging, and purposeful planning and visioning discussions that result in compelling, highly-creative and well-supported plans of action.   


Multi-Stakeholder Projects


Charge us with the responsibility to organize and drive forward important collaborative endeavors in your community, field, or industry. 

Situational Assessments


Invite us to evaluate how your messages and actions (even the unintentional ones) nurture or discourage the engagement of your customers, supporters, members, and constituents.

Feeling Stuck?


When the accumulated weight of a too-long unresolved issue grinds progress to a halt, that’s an ideal time to invite us to open a fresh pathway forward. 

KEYNOTE presentations & workshops

For Nonprofit Organizations


Build the passionate & purposeful community of support you need among donors, members, audiences, volunteers, and stakeholders, to achieve your organization's foremost objectives.

For Businesses


Invest in your team the motivation and practical skills that empower them to transform mere transactions into satisfied, loyal, and profitable customers.

For Communities


Learn the essential skills needed to tackle your community's greatest challenges in ways that strengthen the bonds of inclusion and trust.

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